Portrait of London based artist Abigial Lipski

A contemporary artist based in London, creating original paintings of colourful landscapes and characters from fictional lore.

I am a London-based fine artist painting fantastical narratives based on intuitively created lore. I work in oil and watercolour paint and often feature vibrant colours and bold brushwork reminiscent of Fauvism. My work is exoteric and includes recurring characters and rituals within surreal landscapes. I create sculpture and installation artwork as a virtual and sensory experience often described as a journey into one of my paintings. My practice involves layered history, fractured memory and myth influenced by nature, music, writing, powerful female icons and my birthplace, Epping Forest. Collating photography, collage and sculpture I recontextualise abstracted visuals from my surroundings, popular culture and within memory. I think of my work as escapist, dream-like and a portal through which the observer can make otherworldly discoveries. 


My work has been exhibited in group shows across London, most recently at Graham Hunter Gallery, Bargehouse Oxo Tower, Truman Brewery on Brick Lane and Flowers Gallery W1.